About 10,000 weekends

Welcome to my blog. It’s a blog about sport.

It’s called 10,000 weekends because whenever I think about the weekend, I think about sport. And whenever I think about sport, I think about the weekend. So I’ll write some stuff about sport on this here blog. Admittedly it’ll have a football bias because that’s what I know best, but if it’s interesting and it’s about sport, I’ll write about it. Match reports; opinion stuff; other conjecture I’ll make up as I go along.

Hope you enjoy it,



One response to “About 10,000 weekends

  1. choti

    on ya, finally managed to open up your blog but had to freakin fly to sydney to do so! nice work simmo, having a (kinda) ball reading it, just wish i had more of an appreciation for the sporty component of life (“I don’t DO sport” choti, 2000). keep it up and look forward to spoeaking to you soon. lots of love, chots. xo

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